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The Drunken Ramblings of Roy

Roy has travelled to 77 countries and drunk more than his fair share of just about everything. Find out more about Roy or scroll down to check out his latest posts.

How to Become a Travel Writer

I often dreamt of going back to Bath, to my old uni, to pass on my own words of wisdom (or lack there of). So, when last year I actually did get invited to come back to my “alma mater” and give a lecture on travel writing, my first thought was, wow, the Bath Spa Creative Writing department are really scraping … Continue reading »

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San Vino Wine Fight & Haro Wine Festival in La Rioja

I first came across the “San Vino” Wine Fight (la batalla del vino in Spanish) a few years back when researching the most epic water and food fights around the world. Inspired, perhaps naively, by the idea of strangers spraying copious amounts of wine directly into my mouth, I couldn’t wait to go! The Wine … Continue reading »

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My Top 17 Best Barcelona Experiences

Tonight I celebrate a year in Barcelona, and while I realise this post isn’t going to do wonders for my Google rankings once people realise it’s not about the likes of La Rambla or the Sagrada Familia, I wanted to write something a bit more personal about my time in Barcelona – a few nights, highlights, never to be repeated … Continue reading »

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The Best Burger & Beer Joints in Barcelona

Back in July it was the Ruta Burger here in Barcelona, at which point my amigo Audric announced, “I hereby declare this week, Burger Week!” …and we’ve been living in Burger Week ever since. There’s a lot of “best burgers in Barcelona” articles floating around the net, but there’s also a lot of palm-greasing and favouritism in the … Continue reading »

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Where to Find the Best Craft Beer in Barcelona

I know. I’ve been living in Barcelona for ten months now and it’s taken me this long to share my favourite places to go for a good beer. In my defence though, you can’t just go around writing posts like “Top 5 Craft Beer Bars in Barcelona” until you’ve sampled all the other craft beer bars in Barcelona, … Continue reading »

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Penis Park, South Korea & How to Get There?

That’s right, there’s a public park in South Korea full of giant phalluses. It’s called Haesindang Park and there’s a tragic story behind it, but to me (and other backpackers lucky enough to catch word of this little beauty) it will always be “Penis Park“. Because pictures of cocks speak louder than a thousand words, I guess you could call this … Continue reading »

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How to Do Machu Picchu without a Tour or Guide?

This is a post about having the courage to achieve a dream, even when it looks impossible. Every traveller knows the feeling of having to decide whether to go on or turn back; take a risk or make a compromise. There are times – especially for people who, unlike me, place some value on their … Continue reading »

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My Top 5 Best London Craft Beer Breweries

Obviously, narrowing all the craft breweries in London down to a top five was an almost impossible task and has taken a lot of thought, consideration and, of course, sampling. Also, as the craft brewers of London are in a constant state of experimentation and development, this list will change from year to year, if not … Continue reading »

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Eastbourne Beer Festival: A Drunken Write-up

It’s funny how, after everything, I’m still standing here alone on this windy carriageway waiting for the 51 bus to Eastbourne. But some things do change, as I soon found out after leaping out in front of the bus – which promptly screeched to a halt in the middle of the dual carriageway – and getting an earful from the driver … Continue reading »

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How Does Travelling Affect Your Alcohol Consumption?

I recently published a loosely “academic” essay on why we continue to pursue the irrational through alcohol (and other substances) against all advice and reason. It had nothing to do with travel and I wrote the essay for Uni and never really expected anyone to read it. However, to my surprise, it quickly became the arena for a debate between two of … Continue reading »

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