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The Drunken Ramblings of Roy

Roy has travelled to 77 countries and drunk more than his fair share of just about everything. Find out more about Roy or scroll down to check out his latest posts.

Stumbling into the Budapest International Wine Festival, Hungary

A while back, travelling Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria, we had ourselves a Budapest city break of sorts. We’d heard the Castle District (Várnegyed) was nice (and free) so we went up there…only to discover that for some reason you had to pay to get into the compound…and then that this included a wine glass, a handy … Continue reading »

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Florence Nightlife Guide

The night before I flew to Italy I happened to meet a girl from Florence. When I asked her where I should go to drink, she thought for a second then said, “it’s funny, all the time I lived in Florence we always liked to go to the Irish and English pubs.” It’s true, Florence is saturated … Continue reading »

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Drink, Drugs & the War on Reason

‘Man, being reasonable, must get drunk’ (Byron, 2005 [1819]) The legacies of the Enlightenment can be seen at work in almost every facet of contemporary culture. The emphasis placed on reason, during that period of history, has been integral to the development of notions such as freedom, liberty and truth, which in turn have formed … Continue reading »

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Perth Nightlife Guide

After a hair-of-the-dog mango wheat-beer at the Northbridge Brewery, and with a hangover from hitting 17 Swan Valley wineries, breweries and distilleries in one day, me and Ruth met my old friend Oscar (who I hadn’t seen in literally half a lifetime) and Harriet in Ezra Pound, for what was surely one of the most epic … Continue reading »

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On the Scent of Red Dog: The Pilbara Wanderer

Have you ever heard of Red Dog? Read the books? Seen the movie? If not, you should, but here’s the best part to bring you up to speed: We’d inadvertently been travelling in Red Dog’s paw-steps since Darwin. He also travelled as far south as Perth and pretty much all the roads in between, and – … Continue reading »

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Matso’s Broome Brewery

For many who’ve travelled throughout Australia, the highlight is a little-known beach-town on the North-west’s remote Kimberley coast. 1,871 km from Darwin and 2,240 from Perth, Broome is literally one of the most isolated places on earth, and, with the possible exception of the Nullarbor, getting to Broome constitutes Australia’s longest and most remote drive. But it was worth it, because waiting … Continue reading »

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The Hoochery Distillery, Kununurra

On the road again, we cooled off in Katherine Hot Springs, camped overnight in the bush and the next morning pushed on on the Victoria Highway, west, bound for the Western Australia border. We passed Timber Creek, where we’d hoped to catch Sarah, only some guy’d jumped behind the bar and threatened her with a … Continue reading »

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Uluru (Ayers Rock) & Kata Tjuta (the Olgas)

This isn’t a post about one of the “wonders of the world”, it’s a story about the journey to get there – a journey of several days and thousands of kilometres, through the great Australian Outback. “…all around you is a 360 degree golden Mitchell grass emptiness…the great Australian outback.” – Ted Egan, Australian folk … Continue reading »

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The Constant Traveller

I travel overland Over vast expanse of sea I howl, cry and roar Or whistle as I walk Down hallways, highways Long and empty Across them too Brushing through the trees Valleys, tunnels, underpasses That echo as I tread Kicking up dust Sand and shit and virgin snow And think I recognise my own footprints … Continue reading »

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Is there anybody else here who understands? who thinks these thoughts? who feels the same? who knows my pain?   Is there anybody out there?   Imagine plays in this lonely bar, falling on death ears, like trees outside, in the storm, that no-one’s ’round to hear.   Universal Soldier, Avatar on Blu-ray, DVD, they call … Continue reading »

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