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The Best Burger & Beer Joints in Barcelona

Posted by on December 14, 2016

Back in July it was the Ruta Burger here in Barcelona, at which point my amigo Audric announced, “I hereby declare this week, Burger Week!” …and we’ve been living in Burger Week ever since.

There’s a lot of “best burgers in Barcelona” articles floating around the net, but there’s also a lot of palm-greasing and favouritism in the world, so I figured I’d better check them all out for myself.

Sure, taste’s a subjective little fella, but trust me, this shit is good! If you like good burgers and good beer – preferably in your mouth at more or less the same time – then you can’t go wrong with these bad-boys:

The Americana burger at Bar Centro, Carrer de Casp

Bar Centro’s Americana burger

Bar Centro

Burger + beer = €10–16.50

Beer lovers will especially appreciate the Saison burger, stuffed with sautéd mushrooms, brie, what seem to be crispy fried shallots and, as the name promises, a touch of French farmhouse ale (well, Belgian really, but alliteration comes before factual accuracy). The Americana (cheese and bacon) and their signature Monkey Burger are also absolutely increíble! (The Pulled Pork can be a bit too intense, especially if foolishly ordered with a rich, hearty Russian imperial stout. Black sauce overload.)

The Monkey Burger at Bar Centro, Barcelona

The iconic Monkey Burger at Bar Centro

Also look out for their Monkey House Beer, brewed, if I remember rightly, by Cerveza Fort – one of my favourite five local Catalan breweries.

Not only are the burgers the best and the beers excellently chosen; the people are also super cool: the guy once brought the wrong beer because I didn’t order very clearly, and they insisted on not letting me pay for it. That’s a nice touch you don’t get in a lot of places and all the more reason they deserve top spot on this list.

Oh, and if you’re in the area for lunch, they also do a mean menú del día for €10.90 with a soup/gazpacho that rivals even the burgers.

Where? Casp, 55

Dirty Burger (& Chicken Shop)

Burger + beer = €8–11

I’m not going to lie to you: things are about to get dirty. One might be accostumed to assume that the “Dirty Bacon” burger is simply a hamburger with bacon. Far from it, my friend! It is in fact full centre stage to a mighty slab of bacon and produces more juice than Mother Teresa in heat. Also not to be missed are the battered, deep-fried onions, the chicken, and the full range from Barcelona Beer Co.

Dirty burger, onion fries and beer in Barcelona

“Wanna get dirty? It’s about time I came to start the party!”

Where? Plaça del Duc de Medinaceli, 2

Cafe Menssana

Burger + beer = €9–11.70

Brutus beer and burger in Cafe Menssana, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Brutus and burger in Cafe Menssana

It’s all about the “Country Side”. This is one of my favourite burger places in BCN (obviously) which is why I’m willing to overlook the fact that they only have one craft beer…plus my favourite Spanish lager (Mahou) on draught…plus good wine…vermouth…Scotch…it’s a magical place, really, and well off the tourist trail.

Where? Sardenya, 48

Bacoa (Kiosko)

Burger + beer = €8.25–12

Consistently ranked Barcelona’s best burger, for me it’s in their massive, marinated chicken burgers where this place really comes into a class of its own. And if getting a seat is proving to be a problem, I have it from a trusted source that the nearby Barceloneta branch can be a better bet.

Roost chicken burger in Bacoa Kiosko, Barcelona, Spain

The “Roost” burger in Bacoa

Where? Av. del Marquès de l’Argentera, 1


Burger + beer = €11.50–16.50

A real shining star in an otherwise burgerless void. If you’re craving something a little bit different (veggie burger? fish burger?) or if someone in your gang has specific dietry requirements, this place is the one. Trust me, if I had a list of “Barcelona’s best gluten-free vegan burger and gin tonic joints”, Copasetic would be straddling it in shiny black leather, absolutely dominating it.

#burguer #organic #maison #brunch #foodporn #foodie#healthyfood #comfortfood #sooogoood

Una foto publicada por Copasetic (@copaseticbarcelona) el

All burgers come with salad and a hearty jacket potato – a rare find in these parts. Beer selection could be more extensive, but they still have one or two I’ve never tried, which is more than can be said for 99.9% of Barcelona’s bars.

Where? Diputació, 55

Almost the Best Burger and Beer in Barcelona:

At the risk of upsetting those who didn’t quite make the cut, I need to prove I’ve been doing my research. So, here are the runners up and why:

  • Rabipelao Rawalistan would’ve definitely made the list – they even brew their own commendable craft beer – but I have it on good authority they’ve just changed the menu and dropped the burgers. A national tragedy. If you fancy arepas and rum-tonics instead though, I was in Rabipelao Gràcia the other night and had a ball!
  • Babol Burger. Excellent burger and a full fridge of bottled beers from local Catalan craft breweries. The serving of fries, and the burger itself really, are a bit small. When your friend’s salad arrives and you develop a case of food envy, something’s not quite right. Seriously, if this was a “best salad and beer in BCN” list, Babol would top it.
  • Milk: one of the best brunch places in BCN and home to the “noodle burger”! You have to try it at least once before you croak, but you’ll soon realise there’s a reason hamburgers have come in a bun since the dawn of time.
  • Glups!? Japanese, manga themed burger joint with a comic book shop in the back and a “Tokio Burger” with wasabi mayo, shitake mushrooms and tonkatsu sauce. Unless you want an Asahi or something by Damm, though, beer choice is limited.
  • Panam75. French place we discovered on La Ruta Burger. “Le Sacré Coeur” burger with raclette cheese and crispy bacon is one of the best I’ve ever had, and they do serve beer, but that’s all.
  • Drink&Eat. Closes at 10 pm. In Spain. Screw that.
  • Picnic. Good burger, but overpriced and over-rated.
  • BlackLab. One of Barcelona’s coolest brewhouses and the burger definitely belongs on the list, but everytime we go in here the prices have gone up again. A victim of it’s own too-well-sought-after location.
  • Pim Pam Burger. Big, beautiful burgers, but the place lacks soul (by which I mean good beer); more like a glorified McDonald’s.
  • Alsur Café. Good burger and some interesting beers, but since you probably don’t enjoy being rushed out the door before you’ve even finished your meal, Alsur Café (Llúria) is the probably your only bet.
  • On Café. Great little place with excellent burgers but sadly no visible beer selection.
  • The Benedict. Another of the highlights from La Ruta. Though if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re British, and in any case probably didn’t come all the way to Barcelona for tearoom decor and brown sauce.
  • Chivuo’s would’ve definitely made the list – can’t fault their burger or beer selection at all – but when they charge 50¢ for mayo, and then give you a scraping smaller than a vaginal swab sample, that’s not cool. For non-white-sauce lovers though, it’s a must!
  • Thelma y Louise. Lovely little indie place I stumbled across. Sexy burgers. Only open weekdays ’til 9 pm. though.
  • Mavi’s. Unpretentious diner with shit Spanish lager and old-school, badass burgers. Practically next-door to the Aribau cinema, so makes an ideal pre-movie meeting spot.
  • BRO Room. Nice buns! Seriously. One of the best burgers on this list, but  – again – where’s the decent beer?

This list is a work-in-progress and a team effort, so if you think you’ve got a winner, toss it in the comments!

Oh, and I almost forgot the infamous food-trucks of Barcelona. Harder to pin down, but if you have the good fortune to stumble across them, take a burger!

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