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Travel Poetry

Though there are some poems I love, I’ve never been a big poetry fan, probably because I rarely “get it”. (I’m pretty sure the ambiguity of poetry often disguises lack of meaning.) Saying that though, sometimes life on the road is perfect for inspiring poetry, so I do dabble, as you’ll see…

The Constant Traveller

I travel overland Over vast expanse of sea I howl, cry and roar Or whistle as I walk Down hallways, highways Long and empty Across them too Brushing through the trees Valleys, tunnels, underpasses That echo as I tread Kicking up dust Sand and shit and virgin snow And think I recognise my own footprints … Continue reading »

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Is there anybody else here who understands? who thinks these thoughts? who feels the same? who knows my pain?   Is there anybody out there?   Imagine plays in this lonely bar, falling on death ears, like trees outside, in the storm, that no-one’s ’round to hear.   Universal Soldier, Avatar on Blu-ray, DVD, they call … Continue reading »

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