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Penis Park, South Korea & How to Get There?

That’s right, there’s a public park in South Korea full of giant phalluses. It’s called Haesindang Park and there’s a tragic story behind it, but to me (and other backpackers lucky enough to catch word of this little beauty) it will always be “Penis Park“. Because pictures of cocks speak louder than a thousand words, I guess you could call this … Continue reading »

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The Road to Jesus’ Backside Beach, East Timor

In war-ravaged East Timor there are hundreds of beautiful, sandy beaches just waiting to be re-discovered, but there’s one in particular that caught my attention. Worryingly, this isn’t the first time I’ve made a journey for a funny name. How to Get to Dili, East Timor? At the time of writing the only regular flights to … Continue reading »

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Kawah Ijen Volcano, Crater Lake & Blue Fire, Java

Despite travelling Mexico, Central America and so on, I’d somehow never actually set foot on a volcano, let alone climbed one. So, not missing out this time, I steered my course for Java, to hike Kawah Ijen by night and descend down, through thick sulphurous gases, to the beautiful turquoise crater lake and mysterious “blue fire” within. … Continue reading »

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Renting a Scooter & Touring Bali, Indonesia

People often talk about “Bali” like it’s just one place – one town. Actually, while Bali is a small island (relative to, say, Java) it’s not that small. There’s actually tons of different towns, villages and even a city, all separated by mountains, lakes and countryside, plus loads to see and do, with each coast and region … Continue reading »

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Gili Trawangan Nightlife Guide

Throughout my travels, almost everyone I’ve asked says their favourite place in Indonesia, or even South East Asia, is the Gili Islands. All different types of traveller, all talking as though they alone stumbled upon this paradise. Gili Trawangan (“Gili T” by the time you’ve been there a few hours) is the famed “party island” … Continue reading »

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Where the Hell Can I Get a Drink in Brunei?!

When I knew I’d be passing through Brunei – a “dry” Islamic country in the process of introducing sharia law – my first question was, of course, “so where can I get a drink?” I learned of the existence of a mysterious “speakeasy” known as “the lounge” and I made it my goal whilst in … Continue reading »

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The Bugtong Bato Falls, Tibiao: How to Get There?

After a jaunt on the backpacker trail through South East Asia and a few nights on Boracay, I was desperate to get “off the beaten track”. I spotted the Bugtong Bato falls on an old map of the Philippines I found. No further explanation of what might be there. No information at all on how to … Continue reading »

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Egg Coffee in Vietnam

After a hard night’s drinking in Hanoi, we decided to go in search of some coffee. Vietnam is one of the biggest coffee exporters in the world after all. Ruth had heard about Vietnamese “egg coffee” from The Coffee Trail with Simon Reeve and I remembered reading John Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley, in which he meets a … Continue reading »

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How to Get Drunk for a Pound? Bia Hoi in Hanoi!

Last year, stuck in the office, writing for a travel company but not travelling, it was Vietnam (and Indonesia, but we’ll get to that) that got me dreaming of the road again. Last time I was in South East Asia I met all kinds of people singing Vietnam’s praises – I remember standing on the … Continue reading »

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Lao-Lao in Laos: Luang Prabang & the “Whisky Village”

Luang Prabang in Laos is one of my all time favourite towns: a laid-back backpacker town in the middle of the green Lao hill country, perfect for meeting fellow travellers. Last time I was here, I woke up on the banks of the Mekong, wearing a pair of bowling shoes, so I was interested to see what … Continue reading »

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