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Tubing in Vang Vieng, Laos

I fell in love with Laos years ago, for its empty, tranquil landscapes of rolling, green hills, blue skies reflected in rivers, lakes and turquoise swimming holes at the feet of waterfalls. Since then, it’s always held a spot in my top three favourite places and I promised myself I’d come back. On that first … Continue reading »

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Red Mountain Winery & Vineyards, Inle Lake, Myanmar

France, Italy, California… Burma? When listing the world’s fine wine regions, probably the last place you expect to hear is Myanmar. However, Myanmar does in fact boast its own wineries – all two of them. Both are located in the Inle Lake region in southern Shan state: The Myammar Vineyard Estate (Myanmar’s first winery and home to Aythaya wines) The Red Mountain … Continue reading »

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Journey to the Taukkyan War Cemetery, Myanmar

This is kind of a personal one for me. In the Second World War, my grandad’s brother was killed in Burma, and buried there. Now, 70 years later, I happened to be passing through the region and decided to find out where his grave is and to make the journey. After some research, I found Corporal … Continue reading »

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“I like to touch her when somebody else is watching…”

Here’s another typical Drinking Traveller story for most of you not to believe and for the rest of you to shake your heads and say, “oh Roy”. Truth be told, I’m beginning to feel a bit like John McClane when he says, “How can the same shit keep happening to the same guy?” except with … Continue reading »

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The Happy Valley Tea Estate in Darjeeling, India

This may come as a shock to some, but, as I mentioned in my recent post about lassi, I do occasionally partake in the drinking of non-alcoholic beverages. In fact, I’m a big tea fan. For starters, I’m British, also fell in love with mate in Argentina and Paraguay and, while we were busy poisoning … Continue reading »

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Pokhara Nightlife Guide

Nightlife in Pokhara is characterised by an 11pm curfew, so if you’re in a bar and it’s getting near to 11, don’t leave. The police then make their way down the strip, so by 11.30 most bars have kicked out. By midnight it’s a ghost-town. (If you want to know how to break the curfew, read this post.) All … Continue reading »

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Renting a Motorbike in Pokhara, Nepal

With a population of only 27 million, Nepal is home to an estimated 4 million motorcycles, and that’s only the registered ones. Compare that to the UK, with 63 million people and only one million taxed cycles, and it’s clear that Nepal is a nation of bikers! Every Nepali rides and plenty of them can … Continue reading »

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Blue Lassi Shop in Varanasi, India

Ask people where their favourite place in India is and most say “Varanasi”. Then again, others say it’s their least favourite place in India, but however you feel about Varanasi, the Blue Lassi Shop is a welcome haven from the burning bodies, traffic fumes and sacred cow shit. You might wonder why I’m bothering to … Continue reading »

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Silent Noise Parties in Palolem Beach, Goa, India

The party scene in Goa is dead, has been for a long time, or at least that’s what I read as I grew close. The word “Goa”, like a phantom from a sixties I never knew, has for a long time sung to me, conjuring images of beach parties, free love, wild hedonism… But as I … Continue reading »

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Mounting Adam’s Peak

Adam’s peak – also known locally as Sri Pada – is the most sacred mountain in Sri Lanka. However, while everyone else climbs it for pilgrimage purposes – or under the erroneous, yet wildly-held assumption that getting to the top of mountains makes your dick bigger – I decided to do it because I have … Continue reading »

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