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My Top 5 Best London Craft Beer Breweries

Obviously, narrowing all the craft breweries in London down to a top five was an almost impossible task and has taken a lot of thought, consideration and, of course, sampling. Also, as the craft brewers of London are in a constant state of experimentation and development, this list will change from year to year, if not … Continue reading »

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Eastbourne Beer Festival: A Drunken Write-up

It’s funny how, after everything, I’m still standing here alone on this windy carriageway waiting for the 51 bus to Eastbourne. But some things do change, as I soon found out after leaping out in front of the bus – which promptly screeched to a halt in the middle of the dual carriageway – and getting an earful from the driver … Continue reading »

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Drink, Drugs & the War on Reason

‘Man, being reasonable, must get drunk’ (Byron, 2005 [1819]) The legacies of the Enlightenment can be seen at work in almost every facet of contemporary culture. The emphasis placed on reason, during that period of history, has been integral to the development of notions such as freedom, liberty and truth, which in turn have formed … Continue reading »

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The “Underground AleWay” Brighton & Sussex Ale Trail

If you’ve been with me from the beginning you’ll remember my post on the Prince Albert, my first pub of this years’ Ale Trail. Well, while I didn’t want to bore you with all the details, rest assured, I’ve been busy. I’ve taken the liberty of ranking each pub from one to 40. It’s worth … Continue reading »

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Only in Winchester: 4 Crazy Ass Pubs & Bars!

“Sorry, we’re closed,” said the Barmaid as I strutted into The Wykeham Arms, Winchester. “That’s okay. This is going to sound like a strange request, but would you mind if I just took a photo of your toilet?” A long, cold silence. She looked to the Landlord. He looked back at me. I looked to where … Continue reading »

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The Sewers of London: A Drunken Descent

When Darmon came to us in the Dublin Castle, Camden Town, with a story of an ancient river, bricked-over and lost for centuries, yet still flowing, unbeknownst to most, beneath present-day London – and to top it off, that he had the key – it’s fair to say I remained sceptical. But then again, I … Continue reading »

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Brighton’s Underground AleWay #1: The Prince Albert

The other night, the Drinking Traveller began his assault on Brighton’s 2013 Ale Trail. This year it’s called the “Underground AleWay”, in reference to the 150th anniversary of the London Underground. There’s even a little map parodying Harry Beck’s world-famous “diagrammatic map” of the Tube. Doesn’t look like it’s anywhere to be found online, so … Continue reading »

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