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How to Become a Travel Writer

I often dreamt of going back to Bath, to my old uni, to pass on my own words of wisdom (or lack there of). So, when last year I actually did get invited to come back to my “alma mater” and give a lecture on travel writing, my first thought was, wow, the Bath Spa Creative Writing department are really scraping … Continue reading »

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How Does Travelling Affect Your Alcohol Consumption?

I recently published a loosely “academic” essay on why we continue to pursue the irrational through alcohol (and other substances) against all advice and reason. It had nothing to do with travel and I wrote the essay for Uni and never really expected anyone to read it. However, to my surprise, it quickly became the arena for a debate between two of … Continue reading »

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To Pack (or Not to Pack): A List for Travellers

Packing my bag for what could be many years on the road, I thought I’d share some of the lessons I’ve learnt over the years when it comes to packing light. People always pack too much – I did when I started out, and sometimes even now I catch myself making the same mistakes – … Continue reading »

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Evian vs. Volvic: The Online Poll!

Is there really a substantial difference between Evian and other brands of bottled mineral water, like Volvic? Can you taste this difference? Would you pay more for it? What I initially thought was just one stubborn friend, upon further investigation, is an issue far greater than I could have ever imagined! The question ‘Is Evian … Continue reading »

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Bringing Sherry Back!

Welcome to the “Bringing Sherry Back!” Campaign, which started out as a drunken bet in a pub and is now going global! I’m not the first to try to bring sherry back. Back in 2009, the Young Winos of LA gave it a go, held a dedicated tasting night and were interviewed by Marketplace on … Continue reading »

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The Epic List of National Drinks & World Beers!

Okay people, this is a work in progress and I need everyone to chip in. I can’t try all the alcoholic drinks of the world myself. Though I am working on it. The idea is to create the biggest, most badass list of national beers and beverages ever made. If you’re looking for something in particular, … Continue reading »

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Where Will I Wake Up Tomorrow?

No, it’s not just another drunken bender. It’s that time of year again! Today I’m on my way to Stansted Airport, but as to which plane I’m getting on, and where I’m going to end up by the time the night is through, I have no idea. That’s right, the Drinking Traveller is setting off … Continue reading »

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