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Evian vs. Volvic: The Online Poll!

Posted by on November 28, 2013

Is there really a substantial difference between Evian and other brands of bottled mineral water, like Volvic? Can you taste this difference? Would you pay more for it?

What I initially thought was just one stubborn friend, upon further investigation, is an issue far greater than I could have ever imagined! The question ‘Is Evian better than Volvic?’ has been haunting online forums and dividing otherwise close friends all around the world, since the dawn of water itself! (Note to self: check that fact.) So I’ve decided to put a stop to it once and for all, with this online poll.


The basis of the argument is this:

Team Volvic-and-other-brands: I can’t taste the difference and would never pay extra or go out of my way to buy one brand of water over another. Water is water. It is not drunk for its taste. If tap water is available, I won’t buy water at all.

Team Evian: My friend, naming no names – okay, it’s Adam – believes he can taste a difference and that this difference is so great that while he enjoys Evian, he finds Volvic extremely unpleasant and will only drink it if there is nothing else available.

A placebo test has not been conducted to date.

So, what do you think? Take the poll and ask your friends!

P.S. I took the liberty of adding a vote for known Evian drinker and American Psycho, Patrick Bateman.

P.P.S. It’s “naïve” backwords for fuck’s sake! (Reality Bites)

7 Responses to Evian vs. Volvic: The Online Poll!

  1. Carls

    I hate Evian! To me it is like drinking water that someone accidentally spilled old milk in. I would avoid it if there was another option, not convinced I would pay more for it though.

  2. Andrew Yarosh

    Volvic and Fiji are my top waters. I can’t abide Evian, and the tap water I am tasting in Switzerland and in the Trois Vallees of France. They taste flat and seem to set up. “fuzz” on my tongue. I also envoy Voss and Coke’s “manufactured” water, Dasani; but not Pepsi’s Aquafina, which I perceive like EviN.

    Body chemistry, I guess. Grew up on NYC tap, SF tap was OK. Midwest….. Awful.

  3. Ines

    I agree with Andrew! Love Fiji water then volvic and third will be Evian.

  4. vijay

    I haven’t tasted Volvic or Fiji but I do not like Evian, which is widely available in Indian 5 stars as luxury water. I feel Evian water is thick and flat in taste. I prefer to go for Bisleri Coca-Cola brand in India over Aquafina of Pepsico. Aquafina is quite strong in taste.

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