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Freelance Copywriting & Content Creation Services

Why, in God’s name, would you ever want your website content or copy written by someone as unprofessional, rude, and downright distasteful as the Drinking Traveller?

Well, for quite a few reasons, actually.

Firstly, coming from a background in Search, I’m well aware that all this swearing and other “adult content” probably isn’t going to help my Google rankings, so let me assure you; what I do on my own site is no reflection on the kind of content I can provide for yours. To clarify, I won’t swear on your site. Unless you want me to, of course.

One thing you will get from the Drinking Traveller though, is consistently engaging content. I strive to give my readers something valuable – if not life-changing – with every post, and you can expect that same commitment in the work I do for you.

Some people say “any press is good press”. I don’t, as obviously it’s important to create and maintain a positive brand image. However, there is of course something to be said for the ability to kick up a commotion and to swing it to your advantage. The “Drinking Traveller School of Marketing” attempts to balance the two, and places an emphasis on the following:

  • Shock!
  • Shareability
  • Humour (where appropriate)
  • Strong narrative (where appropriate)
  • User engagement
  • Originality
  • Variety
  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • A human side

My guarantee:

All content is 100% unique (or as close as humanly possible) and is written and tailored specifically for your site and/or campaign, based on the individual needs of your business and clients.

It is also “search friendly”. For more information on my SEO services, see the Drinking SEO.

I like to play the long game, so (unless my liver gives out first) my content strategies are based on building a following for the long-term, and not, as we sometimes say in the industry, to “fuck and run”.

It’s not just text!

The kind of content I produce depends completely on the kind of content your ideal visitors and customers would like to see, and what they are searching for. With a background in a range of creative subjects, I can also work with inspiring images, infographics, lists, quizzes, interactive games, video and other new and innovative types of content.

Rather than just copying what everybody else in the industry is doing, I prefer to go one step further and get ahead of the competition. By thinking creatively and outside of the box, we can come up with the perfect content for your campaign!


Because I only work with travel and drinking related sites, businesses, persons, etc, I specialise in what I’m passionate about. (I used to write articles about cleaning. No more!)

I’ve been travelling ever since I first got the chance, and drinking for almost as long, which means I pour my heart and soul into every thing I write.

So, if you’re a travel or a drink related business, I’m the man to write your copy!

I’m more than qualified!

With an Honours degree in Creative Writing (first class, mother-fuckers!), my writing on over 100 websites (and quoted in the press), and two years experience in the SEO and Content business, quality really shouldn’t be an issue…I would hope.

Nor should spelling, punctuation and grammar.

To give you an idea, here are some of the websites I’ve worked on (besides The Drinking Traveller, of course):

There are no set packages or fees. Whether you’re after some free writing tips, help setting up a blog on your site, or even someone to devise and carry out your entire content strategy, just contact me with the details of your project, site, company, etc and we can put our heads together and choose the most effective way forward.

Thanks for reading!


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