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Freelance SEO, Online Marketing & Web Design

No, I can’t (and won’t) get your shitty site to “number one on Google”!

…is what I’d say to someone looking for a quick fix for their terrible website for an expensive product that no-one needs anyway.

I believe good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) starts with a good idea. So, if you have a good idea, product, service, website, business, personality, or other online concept, and need a hand getting it off the ground, I’m your man! (Especially if it’s to do with travel, drinking, or something else that gets me going.)

So, what I can do for you is this:

  1. Help make your site as strong as possible, and…
  2. Correctly optimise it for Google search, so if your idea – and to a certain extent your luck – is good enough, then you will reach (and better yet, stay at) that much coveted number one spot.

How can I do these things?

What Exactly Do I Do?

SEO, when done right, is only a small (but necessary) part of the Online Marketing picture, which, for me, also includes:

So What Is SEO?

Here’s a rough outline of some of the things I can help you with:

  1. Finding all of the keywords (KWs) that people searching for your site are and will be using.
  2. Ensuring these KWs appear on your site, in the right orders and densities, and in all the right places, such as in your:
    • Domain/URLs
    • Titles
    • Header tags
    • Body content (Should be the most frequently occurring phrase on its page, but only by a fractional margin.)
    • Meta descriptions (not necessarily for SEO, but because KWs get bolded in Google’s search results pages and so this increases click-through-rates (CTR)
    • Image attributes (for image search)
    • etc
  3. Setting up your site as best as possible, which can include all of the following and more:
    • Choosing the right domain, domain type and hosting for your needs
    • Site architecture analysis and/or implementation
    • Creating and submitting your XML sitemap to Google
    • Checking for broken links and ensuring good functionality
  4. Encouraging links from as many good quality, relevant sites as possible.


The Drinking Traveller School of SEO is more or less the same as Google’s; namely, if you generate high-quality, unique, engaging and sometimes downright irresistible content, the links, social shares and other quality signals will come by themselves, naturally, and by the truck-load. Though I’m not usually known to play by the rules, in this case, I do.

For more on the kinds of content I can produce, see The Drinking Copywriter.


Because the kind of content I write is intended to share well on social sites and by word of mouth, social media is one of my key specialisms.

I’ve had full training in social media strategy, attended conferences and talks by some of the biggest names in travel blogging and social media – such as Julie Falconer, better known as A Lady in London – and of course have two years’ experience devising, implementing and analysing social campaigns for the travel industry.


Though I wouldn’t always advise pay-per-click advertising, such as that offered by Google Adwords, this depends on the business in question. If you think it could be for you, I have two years’ experience running the English-language campaigns for a very high-profile international travel company, so I’m happy to give free advice or to help manage your own campaigns.

I use regular maintenance and careful selection to ensure that you only pay for the searches that are sure to bring in a return.

Web Design

Probably the easiest way to tell if a website by the The Drinking Traveller is for you, is to take a look at this one, which I designed myself based on the Adventure Journal theme by Contexture. Expect a site, with the most appropriate theme for your requirements, and then completely customised for you.

My creative background means I’ve got an eye for a quality finish, from ease of navigation to great written content, imagery and so on. For advanced coding solutions, I work closely with my good friends at Black Badger Web Design. Basically, we won’t rest until you have your dream website!

Free (or Dirt Cheap) SEO!

If all you need is a little advice, I’m happy to help, and it will most likely be free. Just get in touch. If you’re in Brighton, we can talk it over in person…unless I’m travelling, in which case that’s what the net is for.

At the other end of the spectrum, if you’re in the alcohol and/or travel industry (whether a fellow blogger, hostel, brewery, or anything else along these lines), I’m here to help with any and all of your SEO and Marketing needs.

There are no set “SEO packages”. I tailor each strategy and keep you in control at every step of the way. (The last thing you want is some “cowboy” hijacking your pride and joy.)

The first thing to do is get together and discuss your project. It won’t cost you a penny. Just send me some information on what you’d like done using the form below and we’ll go from there.

Get a Tailored Quote

[Form coming soon…I promise. For now, would you mind using the regular contact form? Thanks]

Experienced Travel Industry SEO

By this point you might be asking, ‘how does this guy know what he’s talking about?’ ‘There are so many dodgy SEO companies out there. How can we trust him?’

Well, don’t fret. I’ve been UK Head of Online Marketing at Brighton-based travel company Holiday & Adventure, and one of the world’s largest language travel organisations, for two years, and before that worked as an SEO Copywriter in Varna, Bulgaria, where our clients included Hilton Hotels and other big names in the travel industry.

Here are just a few of the sites I’ve worked on:

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