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Video: The Grand USA Motorcycle Tour!

Posted by on October 8, 2013

As you may well know, a couple of years back, I spent 12 months on the road, travelling down the Americas – including five months travelling North America by motorcycle.

For the final ride – down California’s Pacific Coast Highway One (PC1) – my dad (another keen motorcyclist) and his partner Simone flew out to San Francisco, Ruth to Vancouver, and a whole host of other friends and family members made appearances along the way.

They brought a video camera with them, and here’s a little montage I’ve put together using the footage.

Starring (in alphabetical order):

Anna Nickum
David Arthur Bush
Hattie Fisher
Leanna Duffield
Lee Fulton
Roy Duffield (me, AKA: the Drinking Traveller)
Ruth Walter
Simone Poolton
Tony Duffield

Sorry if I missed anyone.

Special thanks to Simone and Ruth for the camera work, which I know for a fact is no easy feat from the back of a speeding motorcycle, to David for helping me get set up with the bike in the first place, and in fact to everyone who made an appearance.

Sadly, as is always the case in life, some of the best bits were never recorded, such as getting invited into the garage of the infamous Hell’s Angels Oakland Chapter, or meeting the family of Arlen Ness at his custom bike shop in Dublin, California after happening to break down just around the corner.

Nor is there anything from the rest of the trip. But, hey, it’s got Venice Beach, LA, PC Highway 1, Cook’s Corner Biker bar, the Danish village of Solvang, Carmel-by-the-Sea, the Big Sur River Inn, Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Co restaurant in San Francisco, and Johnny’s Bar, Hollister – birthplace of the American biker.

Sorry for running the track twice, but there were just too many memories to cut it into one song.

Also, in case you don’t know – and want to know – the music is “All Along the Watchtower” written by Bob Dylan and performed by the Jimi Hendrix Experience. I chose it because I heard it somewhere in LA at the beginning of the trip and then in my head every time I climbed back in the saddle.

Sorry it took me so long, everyone. I hope you enjoy it!

4 Responses to Video: The Grand USA Motorcycle Tour!

  1. Ruth

    Incredible. Such great memories :-)

  2. steve kirk

    Looks great fun especially as I am looking out the window at the pissing hard rain. Well it is England.

  3. RoyDuffield

    Thanks Steve. Agreed. I’d trade this place in in a second to be back on the bike, riding those American highways.

  4. Tone

    Great trip, real good memories. Highlights must be meeting the Oakland Hells Angels outside their clubhouse & having a guided tour of their cycle shop Oakland Custom Cycles. Meeting the great Arlen Ness at his custom shop at Dublin CA & drinking in the place it all began, Johny’s Bar, Hollister. The birthplace of the American outlaw biker.

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