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The Drunken Adventures of Coomer

A Brief “Taste of Cincinnati”

This post is dedicated to the happy couples Zack and Eva Coomer and Zach and Rachel Huffman. On this date, one year ago, I was at Zack and Eva’s marriage celebration, and so this is my weird way of saying “Happy Anniversary!” Also, don’t get divorced, because this took me a few hours to write … Continue reading »

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Video: “All You Can Drink” in Japan

This video was kindly dug out of obscurity by Zach Huffman. Thank you, Zach, for helping to make the world a better place. It’s hard to pin-point exactly when my drinking career began. I thought it all started in Japan, but, as Coomer recently pointed out, a lot of us were already fully-fledged alcoholics by the … Continue reading »

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