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The Drunken Adventures of Phil

Eastbourne Beer Festival: A Drunken Write-up

It’s funny how, after everything, I’m still standing here alone on this windy carriageway waiting for the 51 bus to Eastbourne. But some things do change, as I soon found out after leaping out in front of the bus – which promptly screeched to a halt in the middle of the dual carriageway – and getting an earful from the driver … Continue reading »

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Video: The F Word…Feuerzangenbowle!

There’s nothing more heady and intoxicating than a nice hot mulled wine in December. So ever since I heard rumour of a drink made of mulled wine and 80% rum and set on fire like absinthe, I’ve been able to think of little else. I waited for months as Julika coaxed various relatives into bringing … Continue reading »

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