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The Drinking Traveller’s Terms of Service

By using this site, you agree to the following, some might say tongue-in-cheek Terms of Use:


The Drinking “Traveller” is not of Romani or other Gypsy origin – though he might sometimes wish he was. The term “Traveller” is used in the sense of “one who travels” (a lot) and in this case drinks while doing so. Think Drifter, Rogue, Vagabond, Vagrant, Itinerant, Nomad and very occasionally, Tourist.


If you find yourself featured in this blog and don’t like how you’ve been portrayed, tough shit. I do not change names or distort the truth (by which I mean my subjective, fallible and often downright drunken impressions of events that may or may not have happened).

My only advice is that you shouldn’t have done whatever it is you’re ashamed of in the first place. Sorry. Don’t like it? Sue me. It can’t be libel, because it’s all true.

Statement of Accountability

Basically, I’m not. Not for my actions, behaviour or conduct (both online and in person). Nor do I assume any legal liability for any “damages” incurred by users. See above Disclaimer.


The language used on this site is:

  • fowl, at best,
  • intentionally unprofessional and
  • in British English (with the occasional American, Canadian or other speech tic I may have picked up in the years of travelling).

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