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“What Kind of Traveller Are You?” Quiz

How do you travel best? Alone? With friends? In a couple? Find out, with the "What Kind of Traveller Are You?" quiz by The Drinking Traveller and The Black Badger.

10 Responses to “What Kind of Traveller Are You?” Quiz

  1. Ruth

    I really love this :-)

  2. Ronald Shotter

    I like going places, but not keen on travelling so short ones alone are best for me

    • RoyDuffield

      Cheers for taking the quiz Ron. Hope you liked it!

    • nomad4u

      Its shit being located in Australia, as it’s 8 hrs just to get out the front door to reach the rest of the real world!
      Been travelling 50 Yrs or so, lived several countries, so no Newbie!
      E.G Gold Coast to KL for starters. 8 hrs flying time.
      Hey Mine host, nice site, hope we have some real drinkers here, not just travellers?

  3. Maarten

    What would Roy Duffield do,
    If he was here today?
    He’d climb a mountain high and true
    That’s what Roy Duffield’ do

    When Roy Duffield was in Matsumoto
    Chilling all the time
    He climbed a mountain and he left
    Though it made him sad

    When Roy Duffield was in the mountain
    Meeting with Fapven
    He ate the mango of explaining mixed feelings
    And found out it was bullcrap

    What would Roy Duffield do
    If he was here today
    I’m sure he’d clim a mountain or two
    That is what Roy Duffield’ do

    And now we’ll climb a mountain too
    Cause that’s what Roy Duffield’ do
    Yes. that’s what Roy Duffield’ do

  4. Andrew

    good quiz turns out i am a lone ranger, which works out true but wouldn’t mind company now and then. well done Roy

  5. Dennis The Menace!

    Before I became a serious drinker the world was my oyster, Lebanon, Africa, Asia, South America, etc.
    Now before I travel I gotta check the drinking laws of each country, and availability, and liquor costs before I do my ticketing.
    Sad as it seems, it’s important to me, and any country that wants to tell me if I can have a bevvie or not, can stick it up their heathen butts.
    My latest definatley do not go zones, Brunei. He is bring in Sharia law in that country.
    Indonesia apart from Bali, can be scary, so I dont go there anymore.
    Malaysia is mostly tolerant if you stay around the Kuala Lumpur area.
    My Fav at the moment. Cambodia, where the $1.50 Margarita is still a fact.
    But for the real Expat/Alcopat the Phillipines has to still be best with a fine bottle of Tanduay white rum at about $2.00. Just steer clear of the south Mindanao islands area, where the islamists are being party poopers.

  6. Tri Hakni Putra

    Lone Wolf. hehe seems this quiz was right.

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